Vibration damping ring
Flexible vibration damping ring, made of EPDM rubber, with a double internal flange made of stainless steel, commonly used to absorb the vibrations and consequently to reduce the noise level generated when the blower is working.
Square / round adaptor
Made in aluminium, they are widely used to connect the blower with the damper.
Circular flexible flange
Used to avoid the vibrations from the blowers to the pipes and can be fitted both in the inlet and in the outlet of the blowers.
Cilindrical silencers
Used for the abatement of the sound pressure. Available in galvanized steel or Stainless steel ( with internal ogive on request).
Smoke dampers
Multi blades Smoke dampers made in galvanized steel or stainless steel. Available with electric actuator (24V, 120V or 230V) or pneumatic actuator they are widely used to avoid the smoke diffusion on board. Safety thermal fuse rated at 72°C included. Dimensions on request.